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There are many existing business owners that have a brick and mortar shop that understand that bringing their business online can be a source of new revenue. The problem is they don't know HOW to accomplish doing it. That's where we come in... we are ecommerce experts and have the knowledge and expertise to translate your offline business to a powerful online brand. This is a process that starts with us taking the time to learn about your business and create a strategic plan to deliver your content to your customers in the right way so you can increase your profitability.

There are many challenges that "offline" owners need to understand before they think about bringing their business online... #1 You MUST market your website through multiple channels once it's up and ready to launch. This is VERY important to understand... many business owners I've encountered in the past think that once they have their website up, they'll have thousands of people viewing it with no effort on their part. Unfortunately, that's not the way it works. This goes along with the misconception that online businesses are easier to run than offline. Again, false. You must realize that your website IS a TRUE business and needs to be treated with the same attention to detail and same effort as your offline business. The same rules apply... except they're carried out in different ways. Once you understand that you'll be way ahead of your competition. So... marketing online consists of many different things including but not limited to... SEO, Social Media, Email marketing, PPC campaigns, etc. There are many methods of advertising your company that will yield great results if executed in the right way, we can help you with this!

When you decide to bring your company's store online you'll need a scalable shopping cart that is customized to meet your business needs. We utilize various shopping cart platforms, but we use Digishop with many of our client's simply due to it's ease of use and administration for our client's after the website is finished. It has a comprehensive admin panel where you can handle orders, keep track of iinventory, see sales reports and profitability, and much more! The cart has hundreds of features and we offer it for a discounted price as we're a strategic partner with SumEffect Software.

Newbies... we say this lovingly as we were once in your shoes! If you're NEW to ecommerce and have never had a online store before, we can help you with everything from product sourcing to getting setup with a merchant account to process credit cards. All you need to do is tell us what you would like to sell and if you want to buy your product wholesale or need to find dropshippers and we'll find supplier for you. Then, we'll creating a webstore that will fulfill your customers expectations and more and help you grow fast! Contact us today for a quote!

Well now that you have a little overview of ecommerce we hope that you take the next step and launch your dream store with us. But, whatever you do please don't use one of those hosted cookie cutter shopping cart services to launch your store... you won't get the respect you deserve from your customers and it will cost you far more to operate on a yearly basis than getting a custom solution with us. Call us today to discuss your ideas and options!

We offer a highly trained ecommerce team that can help you launch a storefront and make it profitable in a short timeframe! Through our vast experience we can make your dreams of owning an online store a reality! Give us a call today and get a FREE no hassle Ecommerce business Consultation!

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